Welcome to our church

We are so glad that you stopped by our webpage. We are sorry that we do not have all our information in english, but we would love to have you as our guest at our saturday 19:30 or sunday 11:00 services and get to know you better. Check out our calendar (kalender) to se when to find us, but in short:

We are a church of people from every generation who come together to worship Christ and recieve his gifts in word and sakrament. We are an evangelical-lutheran church that are a part of a missionsorganisation with work all over the world called "Norwegian Lutheran Mission, or "Misjonssambandet" in norwegian. 

Our vision is "win, preserve, equip and send, to the glory of God", which says something about our worship of the triune God who is greater than us, this God has called us to be a part of a community that is greater than ourselves, and this community have a calling to serve people and to proclaim God in our society and in the nations, a calling that make us look beyond our own comforts and abilietyes and call upon him who has promised to allways be with us in this mission.  

Pleas come seek us out, and we will do our best to welcome you in the community ;)

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